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Empowering kids to create and participate in green projects as entrepreneurs!

Created for young minds aged 7-18.

Embark on a thrilling journey through our kidpreneurship course, designed to inspire the next generation of innovators and sustainable leaders. Through hands-on experiences, creative challenges, and real-world problem-solving, we empower children to explore their potential, develop business acumen, and learn the importance of businesses with social and environmental impact.
Why Should Your Kid Apply for Our Kidpreneurship Course?
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  • Unlock Creativity
    We provide a vibrant environment where young minds are encouraged to think outside the box, fostering innovation and creative problem-solving skills essential for future success and good of our Planet.
  • Build Confidence
    Through real-world business, social and environmental challenges, children learn to trust their instincts, make decisions, and confidently present their ideas, nurturing their self-esteem and train sustainable leadership abilities.
  • Social and Environmental Entrepreneurship Focus
    Our course emphasizes ethical business practices and social responsibility, teaching kids the importance of making a positive impact in their communities and the world.
2024 Summer Course "Seed Bombs" Programme Plan:
Week 1. Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Environmental Imact
  • Day 1: Kick-off & Introduction to Kidpreneurship
  • Day 2: Understanding the Environment & Importance of Green Businesses
  • Day 3: Concept of Seed Bombs & Their Role in Ecological Restoration
  • Day 4: Idea Generation Workshop: Eco-Friendly Business Ideas
  • Day 5: Field Trip: Explore the place where to plant trees
Week 2. From Idea to Action
  • Day 6: Designing Your Seed Bomb: Practical Workshop
  • Day 7: Marketing for Young Entrepreneurs: Branding Your Green Business
  • Day 8: Sales and Persuasion Skills: How to Pitch Your Idea
  • Day 9: Project Development Day: Preparing Your Seed Bomb Project
  • Day 10: Field Work: Showcase Your Seed Bomb Project to Peers and Parents and plant them in the Park
Week 3. Maintenance and Reflection
  • Day 11: Maintenance workshop
  • Day 12: Reflection and Learning
  • Day 13: Closing of the programme and Certification
So, what's next?
What will happen after the course?
Register to the course
After this short summer course you will get a special discount for an online course "Social Kidpreneurship" where you will be able to start launching your own startup!
Develop New Skills
During the course you will develop and improve skills which are essential for any entrepreneur, which are: resilience, innovation and creativity, curiosity, empathy, self-confidence, giving back, optimism, motivation, passion, adaptability.
You will become a part of a young, fast developing and caring social entrepreneurs community. All together we will be changing the world and making it a better place to live in for everyone!
Diana Apakidze, Social entrepreneur / Chief Growth Officer / Growth Advisor
As the founder of Lelandia, my passion for fostering gender equality, embracing diversity, and ensuring educational accessibility is complemented by my role as a Certified Educator at Kidpreneur's Academy. My extensive experience, including certifications in "Green Skills Passport" from EY and Microsoft, "Sustainable Fashion Programme" from PlanA, as well as comprehensive courses in social entrepreneurship from Stanford and Oxford universities, alongside an MSc/MA in International Management from European Flensburg University, equips me with a holistic view of sustainable leadership and green businesses with a significant social impact. This blend of expertise and values drives Lelandia's mission to empower young minds in an inclusive, environmentally conscious manner.

If you want to chat, reach out to me on LinkedIn

Founder of Lelandia, WomenGeneration, TriplePConsulting
Would you like to be one of them?
  • Regina, 13 years old
    Building personalized websites
    Regina is helping his father in building websites for local businesses. With all the tools that exist today, it's a great way to start this business.
  • Ned "the Sneaker Mogul", 15 years old
    Flipping sneakers
    Ned found a way how to buy sneakers and re-sell them on facebook pages. He started with a 50$ purchase and sold the paid for 100$!
  • Max, 14 years old
    Streaming video games
    Max is a fan of video games and he is earning his first money by streaming his video games and commenting them. Besides, there are great tools for this today.
One day before the workshop you will receive a confirmation email and further instructions. If you want to participate with your parents, please, register every participant separately.
A maximum of 10 participants will be accepted.
"Creativity is just connecting things"
Steve Jobs (с)
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